Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween marks the 9th year of more than one Morrill child, and every year they have had coordinating costumes.  I didn't start off intending to do that.  But little baby Ryan as Winnie the Pooh with almost 2 year old David as Tigger was super cute, and it's just gone from there.  This year Katy said she wanted to do the Wizard of Oz characters, and the boys said that was fine.  Ryan ended up complaining about it a bit, but then he liked how his costume turned out.  Pretty good for $3.77 in supplies, since all I had to buy was the black felt to make the hat, the raffia, and some brown face paint that we forgot to put on his nose last night!  Nathan of course is in the Carter's lion costume that Costco sold and apparently many, many people got.  I got David a grey hoodie and pants (both of which he is wearing again today, despite my efforts to convince him that it looks weird), silver face paint, and covered a dollar store funnel with aluminum foil.  And we got Katy a new white tutu, sparkly red shoes, a actual basket to use for trick or treating, and I made her pinafore (altering a pattern I had to make it shorter and wider so it worked with the tutu).  Oh yes, and I decided in the shower yesterday that I should dress up, too, so I just wore black clothes (yes, the shoes look kind of weird, but I wanted to wear comfortable shoes for all the walking!), bought green face paint, and wore Katy's witch hat from last year (which had a hard time staying on, so perhaps I should've sprung for an adult sized hat...).  

  Daddy took 6 pictures, and Katy is doing some version of that pose in every single one.  Silly girl!

I like how Ryan is holding hands with Nathan in this one. :-)

 Daddy must've felt left out that he didn't get to dress up...

 Yesterday afternoon I decided that I should make cupcakes for the kids to decorate.  Only it took a while to make them (I divided the batter into thirds, dyed one orange and one yellow, then did a layer of orange, then yellow, then white to make them look like candy corn!  They're cute, but I'm not sure it was worth the effort), then we had to drive around to 4 stores to find green face paint, then it was time for dinner and trick or treating.  So after getting home from trick or treating the big kids got to decorate one each (Nathan got to eat one without frosting for mess reasons, and he didn't seem to notice a difference!).  The rest are still waiting for them to get home from school today (well, the rest that I didn't eat last night...)!

 Katy got to wear mascara as Dorothy.  Heaven help us, that girl is going to be a knockout!

 This picture has nothing to do with Halloween.  I just love his sweet little face!

 Trick or treating is thirsty work!  Nathan insisted on doing a lot of walking himself, which is easier on my arms but more stressful!  Luckily we met up with some friends shortly after getting started, so the other grown ups helped wrangle the other kids while Nathan and I tried to keep up!

David and his cupcake.  He actually ate his before I got a picture of it, so he made a duplicate.  It's also waiting for him to get home!

Well, I sat down to upload the picture of us all in our costumes onto facebook, and got busy doing this instead.  I'm glad I did, but now it's 2:00 and I haven't had lunch!  I'm hungry!