Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Pics of the New Kid

I haven't loaded any pictures from my camera since Nathan was 6 days old, so I've been waiting to blog until I got around to doing that. Then I decided to just post what I have on the computer already, and I found 10 I wanted to share anyway. Good thing I didn't wait any longer! I'll find time to get more on here one of these days, but hey, I have a newborn to care for!

3/16, 2 days old. This is about all we saw of Nathan's eyes for the first several days of his life. And even that much was rare! It's a lot of work when your face is that chubby!

3/17, 3 days old. Getting loves from the new big sister!

3/18, 4 days old. Looking pretty yellow in the natural light from the window. Probably because he was pretty jaundiced. Poor little guy got his bilirubin checked NINE times before we weren't worried anymore. In Utah the kids got put on lights at lower levels than Nathan reached, but here apparently they hospitalize rather than just send lights to the home. So rather than do that, we just kept checking. Every day. It was fun.

Also 4 days old, also very yellow. Not aware that he is having a photo shoot.

Having good dreams while Mommy takes a ton of pictures. So nice that I can just snap away without wasting film. That's going to be one of those "old people" things, isn't it? "I remember when you could only take one picture and hope it turned out, and then you have to wait to see it." It's especially nice with newborns, because sometimes the pictures turn out scary ugly!

I did more playing around later that night. I actually put the baby on the kitchen table so he could have the kitchen lights on him. Clearly that made for a weird coloring, but I still like the picture of my sweet naked baby!

3/20, 6 days old. Grandma was about to leave. Believe me, this picture does NOT show how the children felt about that! Ryan and Katy especially get really sad when being separated from Grandma. :-(

Our first picture of all 6 of us. Awwww.

Hugs from the Ryan.

And last, still 6 days old, the cute sleepy guy.

So yeah, maybe I'll get around to getting more pictures on the computer sometime soon. And maybe I'll get some laundry or dishes done. It's amazing how little time I have left over for such things these days! Does anybody want to come hold a sweet 1 month old so I can do my chores?