Monday, February 27, 2012

Taaaake oooon meeee!

Got Just Dance 3 with the free Redbox game deal going on. Probably not going to return it tomorrow. Too entertaining!

Oh, and Nathan walks now.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Look! It's a post!

I'm pretty sure I have adult ADHD. I've suspected as much since David was diagnosed 4 years ago, but never got around to going to a doctor or anything. I've taken an anti-depressant most of the time since having PPD when Ryan was born (these topics are connected, I promise). When I went to my doctor last December for a well check (the last one before stupid Aetna no longer accepts our beloved Dr. David as "in network"), we decided to try adding a new medication - Wellbutrin. Then over the course of the next few weeks I changed A LOT in my ability to be organized, clean the house, get around to things like doing Katy's hair, be on time (two weeks in a row to church!), etc. I didn't initially remember the medication, because there are a few other factors that have changed - I'm also taking Calcium Citrate to help with low vitamin D levels, and I've been eating healthier lately to try and lose that darn baby weight. I don't remember what made me think to look, but I checked the info on Wellbutrin. It's mainly prescribed for depression & smoking cessation, but also for a few others, including adult ADHD! So I'm now pretty confident that we have accidentally treated my undiagnosed adult ADHD, and that's why I'm finally able to be a decent homemaker! Hooray!

I'm doing a good job of not trying to do too much and burning out, so I've been making slow and steady progress in the overall organization of the house. The office has long been the most cluttered room in the house, and I finally started to tackle it yesterday. And I found the cord that connects the camera to the computer! It's been missing for months, and I hate using the card reader instead. So I uploaded pictures for the first time since September or October. I have quite a few I'd like to post (although I did go quite a bit of that time only using my cell camera and the "fancy" camera, which I have not uploaded yet), but for tonight we just have a few from today:

I had the boys take a picture right after church today, mostly to remind me of something that happened during Sacrament meeting. In our ward we sing Called to Serve as the closing song whenever someone leaves on a mission, so we were doing that today. I had a really nice moment while we were standing there singing. Ryan was directly to my right, and David was to the right of him (Nathan was actually behind Ryan, being held by a young woman). I was looking at them singing, thinking about how they're future missionaries. Then I looked to my left at Katy, who was standing on the pew with her arm around me. I was feeling so happy with them all.

Then I looked back to the right, and Ryan was swinging his scriptures at David. Of course. Well, it was nice while it lasted!

And, because we should include the other two offspring in case I don't get around to blogging again soon: