Thursday, September 1, 2011


It's that time o' year again. Time to buy a bunch of name brand school supplies because that's what the list says to get, even though I rarely buy name brand anything. Time to buy the boys nice new clothes and hope they like them better than some of the ugly things they've been wearing lately. Time to start getting up early every day in exchange for many hours with only 2 children. Oh yeah, and maybe time for the boys to learn a thing or two! Maybe. David starts full time Excel this year, so chances are better than they were last year that he'll actually learn something!

Here's the big 3rd grader! I can't believe how grown up he's getting. He has really matured a lot the last few months. Who woulda thought David would ever be the easy one?

There was some ball dropping in the transportation department this year. Rather than contacting us prior to the first day of classes as it stated in bold in the letter, they didn't contact at all. So I called at 6:45ish the morning of, and was told a 7:09 pickup down the road a little ways. So David & I went out at 7:04 and waited. And waited. After a little while I went back to check up the baby, and he was awake so he got to come out and wait some more. Finally after about a half hour we walked back home, I woke up Katy & Ryan (never something I like to do!), and drove David to school, ending up leaving at 7:47, 2 minutes after his class started. I've only been to his new school once, so that was a little adventure in and of itself (my phone sent me into a neighborhood and told me my destination was on my right. Um, no). I walked David in (hadn't brushed my hair or teeth...), and his teacher was really happy and nice about everything. When he was dropped off he brought me a note that said "Pickup between 6:58 and 7:00." So, either she had come but 10 minutes earlier than the time I'd been given, or she hadn't come and was just planning that for the next day. Either way, this morning she picked David up in front of our house at 6:59. Phew!

And here's 2nd grader Ryan! Interestingly, they both wore those matching fleeces for their first day, when it was just a quick random purchase at Old Navy last weekend (on sale, of course!). I didn't think they'd need such warm clothes for August 31st. Silly me.

Well, today was the second day of school, and as far as I know things are going well! Cross your fingers & toes that they keep going that way!