Monday, November 14, 2011

Testing the Blogger app!

I just found out that blogger has a smartphone app! I've spent so much less time on the computer lately (and that's not going to get better any time soon, Nathan pulled to standing today!), being able to blog from my phone should make it a lot more likely to happen! It looks like I can load plenty of pictures, but they all go at the end without writing in between. That's sad, but better than nothing!

So here is a set of three pictures I took while making dinner this evening. Nathan had just taken a short nap and needed cuddles, so I plopped him on the couch with the other three who were watching Pink Panther (and luckily David cuddles were enough so I could go make dinner!). I love the progression of Nathan not seeing me, looking over, and grinning at me. He sure is a sweet guy. :-)

Okay, I've tried three times and it keeps posting the pictures out of order. Which doesn't show the cute progression. That's disappointing...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Halloween!

As with all things in my life (especially cleaning), blogging comes in fits and starts. So it's been two months since I blogged last. Oops. So here is the obligatory Halloween costume picture (only a week and a half late!). Hopefully I find the time, energy, and motivation to blog again before two months pass this time!

Every year since Ryan was born we've had coordinating costumes (with the kind of exception of the year the boys were knights and Katy ended up being a strawberry fairy by day and pink bunny by night...she was supposed to be a princess to coordinate. I say "kind of" exception, because it could be argued that the strawberry fairy fits the theme of Fantasy with the knights...and at least the boys matched if that's too much of a stretch).

Pooh & Tigger
Dash & Jack Jack
Buzz & Woody
Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, & Peter Pan
Princess Leia, Darth Vader, & Luke Skywalker
Princess Peach, Mario, & Luigi

It's been fun, but it's getting harder! Not so much because of the extra person, but because the kids are getting old enough to have strong opinions about what they want to be. Oh, and I'm not forcing them to coordinate, they really want to. We have a few ideas left that will probably work (expect "super heroes" at some point). This year we ended up settling on the theme "Classic Halloween" - we have a jack-o-lantern, a witch, a skeleton, and a spider!

You can tell this is my fourth baby. I found his costume for $2.50 at Once Upon a Child. The head part was way too big and kept falling over his face (despite me having safety pinned part together to make it smaller). As long as I kept adjusting it he didn't mind it, though, and was pretty darn cute!

Getting there...

Big smiles!

Dan took the pictures (at my command), so I'm only guessing that she's sampling our candy here. Seems a pretty good bet though! Katy is a pretty witch (easier on the girly girl & her mom than a scary witch). I made her costume (sorry boys, I swear I love you all too!), and it took two very late nights. And I indulged in putting make up on my little girl. Look at those lashes!!! It's a good thing she has so many brothers to watch out for her!

She's a little happy, don'tcha think?

David borrowed this super cool spider costume from my mom. Aunt Hannah wore it when she was his age! He really liked how the costume arms moved when his did.

Ah, Ryan, the hardest one to get to decide. He finally settled on skeleton thanks to his love of Minecraft (a computer game). It glows in the dark! And guess what - so does his face! It was pretty cool looking!

Here we all are, ready to go out! We got a decent haul - everybody still has plenty of candy (especially David). It was fun!