Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fourth of July

Yes, the Fourth of July.  Kind of random, but I uploaded and organized a bunch of pictures lately, and decided I should blog some of them.  Tonight I'm doing the Fourth of July!

So, I have a slight problem with the fact that I often use my phone to take pictures, because they aren't as easy to upload and organize with the rest of them.  So I remember taking pictures on the Fourth of July with my phone, but they aren't here.  They include a few pictures from the ward pancake breakfast/bike parade, and a picture of the cute snack I made before the kids started eating it.

 Bananas and watermelon and blueberries - yum!

 See, here's the remaining half of the flag.  It was cute.  From Pinterest, of course.

 After the kids ate the snack and while Daddy was making dinner, we went out and did the day "fireworks" - pop its and smoke bombs.  Here we have Ryan trying to teach Nathan how to use pop its. :-)

 Katy sure has a happy smile!

 Still doing pop its.  And see the boxes in the back of the car?  Those are our fireworks!  We spent our money differently this year - more on good quality mortars, less on fountains.  Definitely the way to go!

 Once he got the hang of them Nathan really liked the pop its!

Ladies and Gentleman, my Eternal Companion.  Hey, at least he's making dinner!

 The kids were really great together doing fireworks.  I love that!

 It's lit!  Move!

 See, Ryan even helped teach Katy how to use the lighter.  :-)

Well, for some reason I didn't even try to take pictures at night, so this is all I have.  It's probably because Dan and I took turns either being in charge of lighting the fireworks or holding Nathan, so neither of us was free to be the photographer.  Maybe next year Nathan will be smart enough to be safe without constantly being held.  One can dream.